This Alfa Romeo Spider Has Just 20k-Miles and Is Freshly Serviced For Summer

May 31, 2024 2 min read
This Alfa Romeo Spider Has Just 20k-Miles and Is Freshly Serviced For Summer

This Italian beauty is selling at Lucky Collector Car Auction Tomorrow!

A well-preserved 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider with just 20,000 miles on the odometer is set to be auctioned tomorrow at Lucky Collector Car Auction. This Italian beauty has been mechanically restored and comes with a new top and interior, offering an exceptional opportunity for classic car enthusiasts. The car boasts solid floors and trunk area, a testament to its careful maintenance over the years. With over $13,000 in recent receipts detailing comprehensive brake work and other essential services, this Alfa Romeo Spider is ready for summer drives.

The recent work done to the car includes extensive brake system repairs and replacements to ensure optimal performance and safety. The services included replacing the brake fluid, Mann oil filter, and using a 10w30 synthetic blend oil. A new master cylinder was installed, along with front and rear brake hoses, front and rear rotors, and front and rear brake pads. The front grease seals and rear wheel bearing kit were also replaced, along with rebuilding the front and rear calipers. Additional work involved replacing the retainer, cleaning and repacking the front wheel bearings, and topping up the differential gear oil.

The car's condition was thoroughly assessed, revealing issues such as a subpar clutch, which was bled as best as possible due to a broken slave bleeder. The brakes were binding and pulling to the left, with rotors in poor condition, water in the system, and seized calipers. The master cylinder was rusty, hoses were in bad shape, and rear wheel bearings were in poor condition. All these issues were addressed, ensuring the car is in top shape for its next owner.

Exceptionally well-cared for and maintained, this Alfa Romeo Spider represents a bargain in the classic car market, offering both driving pleasure and investment potential. The reserve is set low, making it an attractive option for bidders looking to own a piece of Italian automotive history.

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