The Holy Grail of 911 Turbos Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

Nov 11, 2022 2 min read
The Holy Grail of 911 Turbos Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

The original owner ticked almost every factory upgrade, including a X-88 Power Kit.

The early 90s were a great time for the German auto manufacturer known as Porsche. As racing came to a peak in audience enjoyment and satisfaction as a sport, the brand took full advantage of it as a brand new way to market their cars. Nowadays they could be chalked up to a simple luxury supercar manufacture or something along those lines But back in the day they were basically race cars for the street. Don’t believe us? Here’s a great example of just that premise.

At first glance you might not notice all of the coolest features of this Porsche. However, looking a little closer, he soon realized what you ran into. In fact, this is a 1994 Porsche 911 turbo S, a truly iconic car for anyone in love with the Porsche name. Clearly, it is an automobile built for speed and high revving above all other sorts of driving. This is very well presented via an examination of the engine bay. So what exactly powers such a lightweight yet sturdy sports car?

As you might’ve expected, a total of six cylinders in a flat configuration make acceleration possible with about 3.6 L of displacement flowing through the block. This makes sure that the car has plenty of power while also letting it rev higher than a larger engine platform. On top of that you also get the X 88 turbo kit which should be more than capable of adding a whole lot more horsepower to the equation. Overall this is a dastardly piece of German engineering technology that should be fully appreciated and will always give its driver what they need. The only question now is, who will that be?

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