eBay Find: Swiss Cheese Dodge Challenger

Dec 8, 2021 2 min read
eBay Find: Swiss Cheese Dodge Challenger

How much would you pay for this ’73?

It’s always good to know there are people who when all the odds are stacked against them haven’t thrown in the towel. However, it’s frustrating when those people are selling cars which probably aren’t worth anywhere near what they’re asking. That seems to be the case with this 1973 Dodge Challenger we ran across on eBay, but you can draw your own conclusion. Who knows, you might realize this is a diamond in the rough nobody is appreciating at the moment, scoring your dream car for a killer price.

Remember the disastrous flight of the Lincoln jet car here.

We’re calling this the Swiss Cheese 1973 Dodge Challenger for obvious reasons. This thing has lived a hard life with corrosion eating away some pretty big chunks of the car, including portions of the hood, air cleaner, and probably the chassis. Since there are no photos of the underside of this Mopar, we’re suspicious about the state of things down south.

On top of that, the vinyl roof is very appealing (pun fully intended) and there’s some crash damage on the passenger side. We don’t get to see the driver’s side, which again makes us very suspicious. We also don’t get to see the interior and most of the engine compartment. It’s almost like the seller is trying to hide something, or they’re just really bad at listing cars for sale online.

It seems not a lot of people are interested in this Challenger since eBay says only 2 have been watching it in the last 24 hours at the time of writing this article. The auction is over on Thursday and there doesn’t appear to be any bids placed, so if you’re interested in this ride and you want to try getting it, you might have zero competition. However, be aware the Buy It Now price is $10,000 so the seller is probably looking for about that much. Is this Dodge worth that? Well, it’s claimed to be all original and has the Rally Package and Tic Tok Tach, plus some replacement sheet metal for the hood, fenders, both bumpers, and rear valance is being thrown in for good measure.

So, what do you think of this 1973 Dodge Challenger? Check out the listing on eBay here.

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