The Speedtail is Peak McLaren and It Is For Sale at Mecum's Monterey Auction

Aug 16, 2022 2 min read
The Speedtail is Peak McLaren and It Is For Sale at Mecum's Monterey Auction

If this car looks like a rocket ship, that's because it is…

With only 106 models produced, the Mclaren SpeedTail could be called one of our most legendary and desirable supercars. Sending power to the wheels is a massively powerful engine that would startle even well-experienced racing car drivers and break the limits of traditional performance. On top of that, the extremely low production number set the vehicle apart from other brands with a more significant emphasis on volume. All these things make the SpeedTail an iconic sports car, and we haven't even gotten into the exterior styling yet.

In the early days of supercar fandom, Bugatti and Komniseg were on top of the game with their seemingly constant competition and never-ending rivalry. These brands cornered the market with their vehicles, but Mclaren had something to say. In short, this company decided to take on both industry giants in a show of pure ingenuity and automotive genius. This competition birthed the SpeedTail, and now we see the fruits of that hard labor with every body-line and aerodynamically placed curve. But, of course, the looks of this vehicle are far from the car's only good attribute, as it was built for speed.

Powering the vehicle is a stunning V8 engine which makes a sound you might only expect from an old-school muscle car or drag racer. Utilizing 4.0-liter displacement and a wild twin-turbocharging system, this engine can put out 1,035 horsepower. Most supercar enthusiasts will tell you that this is pretty wild, and getting behind the wheel of a car like this can be extremely daunting. However, when you consider everything that could be supplemented with carbon fiber, you have a vehicle that uses a highly lightweight chassis to control a level of power virtually unheard of to most drivers. To drive this car, you must be a true badass with ice water in your veins. The only question is, does that sound like you?

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