Shiftgate Auctions Selling Rare G500 Convertible

Jan 21, 2022 2 min read
Shiftgate Auctions Selling Rare G500 Convertible

Without a doubt this is a luxurious cruiser that any German collector would love to get their hands on.

The Mercedes G-Wagon is one of Germany’s most famous luxury vehicles because of its incredible versatility, utility, and design. Everything from the beautiful boxy exterior coated in many popular colors to the V8 engine under the hood, which makes driving these mighty machines a ton of fun, is meant to make you smile. This particular car is no exception to that rule. It sports everything that makes the G-wagon vehicles incredibly popular and a production date that puts it near a classic category. So what is it that makes this incredible vehicle worth this tremendous praise that it has been given over the last 23 years?

First, we should talk about the respectable 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, putting out 292 horsepower, which was a pretty significant number for the time. Because one could reasonably consider this vehicle a truck, torque is a big point of focus with this engine which is why it boasts 336 ft/lbs. That number is more than enough to tow plenty of equipment, climb rough terrain, and still provide a comfortable ride for anyone lucky enough to get behind the wheel. This SUV has some excellent performance capabilities, but it was built to show off the best of German luxury and style. So what features does this vehicle offer over other luxury SUVs?

The interior is laced with brown wood trim, which contrasts against the tastefully crafted black leather to create a beautiful aesthetic. This is further concentrated by the brown and black leather steering wheel, which is a great focal point for the inside of the car. Other features that made this thing a serious contender on the luxury market for its time was the state-of-the-art radio and HVAC system, which keeps the driver happy and focused on the road. As far as the exterior goes, that silver paint job speaks for itself and shows off the body lines of this incredibly sharp car. You could be the owner of this luxurious cruiser, but you had better hurry before one of the other bidders snatches up the opportunity.

Shiftgate Automotive Auctions will expertly promote your vehicle to a wide audience in North America. Please visit to learn more about the bidding and consignment process and see our other vehicles for sale.

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