Red Velvet Supercharged 911 Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

Aug 15, 2022 2 min read
Red Velvet Supercharged 911 Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

Forced induction is this car’s specialty but it might not be what you are thinking of…

The Turbo 911 got a lot of love in its day for combining the naturally gifted handling characteristics of the 911 with the power you could basically only get with forced induction. However, this form of forced induction has a big problem that makes it a tough choice for most automotive enthusiasts with a passion for driving. That issue is called turbo-lag and spool-up times which come from the turbocharger using the car’s exhaust to make power. That's exactly why this particular vehicle boasts a different way of making its energy which creates a more linear powerband.

That's right, this wild Porsche 911 boasts a supercharger rather than its spooling friend which comes with a myriad of benefits. Sure it may not be as powerful as a turbocharging system but the supercharger virtually eliminates the issue of lag and spooling. This is because the supercharger is actually connected to the crankshaft rather than relying on exhaust to spin. All of that combines with the 3.6-liter flat-six engine to make more than enough usable power for pretty much any driver with a passion for spinning tires. Another benefit to the supercharger is that it is easier to control and predict due to its linear nature which is very important in high performance driving situations.

Adding to the controllability and stability of this vehicle is the five-speed manual transaxle which is everything that car enthusiasts like you and me hope for in a transmission. Light weight, optimal ratios, and ease of access to every gear makes this the perfect gearbox for the Porsche. So along with being very powerful, for a late ‘80s Porsche 911, and having a great power band you also get a well-crafted manual transmission making it a great driver’s car for anyone with a love for performance. If that sounds like you then you should definitely consider this wild supercharged 911 for your next automotive purchase.

This car is being sold by 1600Veloce/The Meccanic Shop. Visit to see additional inventory and to learn more about their services.

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