This Phantom Will Appear at Worldwide Auctioneer's Auburn Sale

Aug 15, 2022 2 min read
This Phantom Will Appear at Worldwide Auctioneer's Auburn Sale

This vintage sports car is a one of a kind piece of art fit for the road.

We all remember the iconic film The Great Gatsby for its insights on the struggles of the heart, extravagant imagery, and heart wrenching story line. But for automotive enthusiasts with a keen eye for classic vehicles there was one other part that made this film particularly attractive. That is, of course, the abundance of classic automobiles which were placed in an effort to convey the time period and the absolute reach of Gatsby’s enormous wealth. Now you can feel just as high class as the famous party animal himself by driving around a vehicle which was actually featured in the movie.

That's right, this automobile was driven by Robert Redford in the movie making it an icon of wealth and class especially to audiences who enjoy the art of classic car collecting. Adding on to the wild rarity and prestige this vehicle holds is the two letter name at the end of the car’s title. This is believed to be the only dual-cowl model ever produced making it a literal one-of-a-kind classic car which shows off some of its generation’s greatest innovations. Altogether, this is a wonderful vintage vehicle with a lot to offer any driver who gets behind the wheel or chooses to display it for the world’s viewing pleasure.

Under the hood you’ll find a massive 7.6-liter straight-six engine which would have been one of the best powertrain options available in the late 1920s. In total this six-cylinder was able to produce around 40-50 horsepower when it was new from the factory. That might not seem like such a big number but back in the day that was a lot with some of the fastest cars in the world only having around 80-100 horsepower. Of course, this vehicle can use that power extremely well as it was put through a full restoration which came out to around $800,000. Essentially this is the closest thing to what it felt like to drive one of these vehicles from the factory floor that one could find on today’s market. That's exactly why you should consider this classic Rolls-Royce for your automotive collection.

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