Rare RoW Porsche 911 From 1600 Veloce is Selling On Bring A Trailer

Nov 21, 2022 2 min read
Rare RoW Porsche 911 From 1600 Veloce is Selling On Bring A Trailer

Porsche made this car for fun, let’s take a ride.

The 1970s were a crazy time for the innovative automotive enthusiast brands that we all know and love. Manufactures like Porsche, BMW, and even American companies like Pontiac kicked in the full swing turning out some of the craziest sports cars known to man. Of all of the companies, Porsche had to have been one of the most prominent, devoting particular extra interest to the 911 series. It makes sense really, one of the most driver focused brands eventually rose to the top to become the king of 1970s sports car production. This particular vehicle shows that quite well.

Picture yourself in the year 1974, the wind blowing against your face, listening to the radio molested by the scourge of static, and feeling the resistance of the gas pedal as you rocket up through the speedometer. And what are you driving? A Porsche 911 Carrera finished in a bright orange paint and a wicked exhaust system that makes you feel like a real race car driver. This vehicle is a great middle ground between raw performance and daily drivability and you love it.

As far as competition goes, the fiery 2.7-liter flat-six engine won’t give its opponent a single inch of wiggle room. To beat this car, you have to be the best and the five-speed manual transaxle makes sure of that. Stopping power is provided by four-wheel disc brakes making that turn you’re coming up on a piece of cake for your automobile. Overall, it’s a wonderful car and a ton of fun to imagine yourself driving, but why imagine when you can do it for real?

This car is being sold by 1600Veloce one of the top sellers on Bring A Trailer and The meccanicshop.com Visit meccanicshop.com to see other great cars for sale, learn more about their consignment, storage and service department.

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