One-Owner Mercedes Uber-SUV For Sale on Cars & Bids

Aug 2, 2022 2 min read
One-Owner Mercedes Uber-SUV For Sale on Cars & Bids

This vehicle is a surprising combination of performance and utility.

For a while, the idea of a crossover SUV seemed to be dominant in the automotive industry because of its great utility and car-like performance. However, just as every type of vehicle fades in and out of popularity with time, the crossover eventually left the public spotlight in favor of performance coupes and sedans. This has made these vehicles highly underestimated in terms of performance and daily drivability. Mercedes got the formula right with their incredible ML63 platform; you'll see why pretty soon. If you're skeptical of this vehicle's greatness, here's a perfect example of how to build a fast, fun, and dependable crossover SUV the right way.

On the exterior, we can clearly see a well-kept body that utilizes the best design quality available at the time in the German car world. Under the car, you'll see a high level of ground clearance which translates well to the body styling as the vehicle manages to minimize wheel gap despite its high ride height. The wheels and front grille also make the body an iconic design that resonated with many German auto-enthusiasts when it was initially released. Of course, this incredible dedication to beauty also translates to the interior just as much as the exterior. The most prevalent example is the driver's seat which features some smooth gray leather that keeps the driver comfortable even in spirited driving situations.

Staying secure in your position is very important as the vehicle has a lot of power despite its weight and size. Under the hood, you'll find an incredible 6.2-liter V8 engine built to provide the best performance for a driver who appreciates speed and daily drivability. Just because it's an SUV doesn't mean it loses any "cool factor" as the wheels spin just as fast as some modern performance cars. A total of 503 horsepower gives the operator a wide variety of driving experiences available at their fingertips. All of this makes the crossover SUV an excellent option for any automotive enthusiast with an appreciation for performance and utility.

This vehicle is being sold by Farland Cars of Denver. To see their other inventory and services visit

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