One Of A Kind Classic Duesenberg Is Absolutely Astonishing

Mar 30, 2021 2 min read
One Of A Kind Classic Duesenberg Is Absolutely Astonishing

This true one of one Duesenberg offered the best luxury and performance available in 1909.

Oftentimes when comparing different types of vehicles the unique ambitions of each car are quite obvious in their design. It has been thought that the convertible in particular was a symbol of high status and prosperity while the roadster has always been a more track-oriented design. For the longest time, those who could afford it would have to choose between luxury and class or performance and speed. While the time we are referring to was over 90 years ago, many still struggle to decide as there aren't many affordable cars in the market that combine the two. However, in 1929 a few cars were produced that did fit this bill and allowed the general public to maintain high social status and have some fun in the process.

This was the introduction of the 1929 Duesenberg Model-J Convertible Coupe which sported an innovative “disappearing top” design that would give the car the feel of a roadster while retaining the classic convertible style. While only 25 were produced the car was still around long enough to become an instant classic and the limited production numbers equate to high value due to rarity. This particular car is a Torpedo Convertible Coupe, only 6 of which were produced with the disappearing top. While one of only six sounds rare our next addition will astonish and amaze you. Five out of the six cars produced utilized a short wheelbase while one came equipped with a longer wheelbase. This is that one car! This is truly a one-of-a-kind car and this extreme rarity complements its value exponentially.

This vehicle, labeled chassis number 2199, is an extraordinary car. With classic 20’s styling that combines the attitude of a high-class individual and the sportiness of a speed chaser. Unfortunately, the last car of this type sold on RM went for around $3,000,000 so it may be slightly out of most buyer's price range. However, for the buyer that does find themselves in possession of the car, this would be the perfect addition to any collectors gallery. Maybe it will even get driven someday as well.

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