Mopar Mania Heads To Cord And Kruse Auction

Oct 12, 2022 2 min read
Mopar Mania Heads To Cord And Kruse Auction

Get ready to bid soon!

Cord & Kruse has an auction docket that's really impressive to us at Motorious. It's very well aligned with what kind of news and features we cover - heavy on American engineering, while highlighting collectible works of art made over seas. Whenever they have an auction, it's hard to look away, so we wanted to share our picks of Mopar to watch in the upcoming Cord & Kruse Auction, taking place October 17th-26th.

1964 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge 426

Powered by a 426 cubic inch V8 engine, this classic Plymouth has 47K miles and an automatic transmission. It’s orange on orange and has undergone a frame-off restoration. See it here.

1968 Plymouth GTX

Powering this classic GTX is a massive 440 cubic inch engine, that’s rated at 375-horsepower. Backing the engine is a 727 automatic transmission, which feeds into a 3.23 geared rear end. It rolls on New 15-inch Magnum Wheels, caps and lugs, and exhales through a new exhaust. It show 57,888 miles. See it here.

1969 Plymouth Belvedere Road Runner

This restored Plymouth has a rebuilt 440 cubic inch V8 engine, which is backed by a manual 4-speed transmission. It has Edelbrock fuel injection and CVF belt conversion. It has the original style pistol grip and rolls on new wheels and tires. See it here.

1974 Dodge Dart Sport 360

A Chrysler Small Block 408ci V-8 Engine moves the wheels of this vintage Dodge. The engine is built with a real L-code 360 block, and is backed by an automatic transmission. It’s a low production car. See it here.

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