Hyundai Offers Anti-Theft Kit

Oct 12, 2022 2 min read
Hyundai Offers Anti-Theft Kit

Maybe get this for your ride?

If your Hyundai doesn’t have electronic ignition lock, Hyundai will sell you a security solution for a mere $170. That’s right, after it and partner Kia didn’t put in technology which has been in almost every consumer vehicle since the year 2000, you get to spend some cash to plug in the huge gaping security hole that’s allowed kids with phone charger cables to swipe cars like they’re candy.

Learn more about the Kia Boyz here.

From what we can tell, a lot of people buy Hyundais because they’re cheap and they certainly seem to live up to that reputation in a few ways. But this huge oversight has allowed youths to share with other youths how to easily boost Hyundais and Kias through social media. One group based out of Milwaukee which calls itself the “Kia Boyz” is particularly notorious. However, the trend has spread all over the place and so Hyundai is trying to play damage control.

We have to wonder if maybe offering to install the kits for free in vehicles which miraculously haven’t been stolen yet would be better for Hyundai’s reputation, but that apparently isn’t in the cards. While $170 isn’t that expensive, it’s almost insulting that you have to pay that just to get the most basic anti-theft for the modern era.

Reportedly, the security kit Hyundai is selling takes about 2.5 hours for a dealer to install. Hope you like stale popcorn and watching the CNN. While you’re waiting you could check out the showroom and talk to the sales staff about why you should buy a new Hyundai.

Reportedly, Hyundai is working on a software upgrade to make cars more difficult to steal. It’s supposed to launch sometime in the first half of next year, so by then plenty more Hyundais should be stolen. Good luck.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no solution from Kia. It’s not apparent why that might be, so draw your own conclusions.

Source: Car and Driver

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