Mercedes 190 SL on Bring A Trailer is Ready for Fall Driving Season

Sep 26, 2022 2 min read
Mercedes 190 SL on Bring A Trailer is Ready for Fall Driving Season

Mercedes really knocked it out of the park with this classic middle ground of performance and luxury.

Most people think of early automotive greatness, racing prowess, and unforgettable styling; you might expect them to be talking about a German company. Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, these were all incredible brands for the time and nowadays hold some of the highest prestige in the entire automotive world. Of course there is one company distinctly missing from that list, Mercedes Benz. Unexpectedly, this manufacturer dominated the racing scene before eventually transitioning mostly over to luxury automobiles inspired by their older models. If ever there was a great example of that vintage dedication to performance and design, then this is it, a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL.

First of all, under the hood is something that you might not expect considering how close to the exterior resembles the 300 SL. Rather than a 3 L straight six, the incredible car utilizes 1.9 L of displacement to make more than enough power to keep up with its rivals. Nowadays it’s sort of a given that lower displacement means the engine can rev higher but back then it was a revolutionary concept compared to nations laying in that state mainly made their power with big displacement V8 engines. This was a vehicle made for fast and fun driving on the road rather than racing in particular which is something that still holds true to today even despite decades of aging.

One of the major things that supports this is the incredibly engaging transmission and accompanies the in-line four engine mentioned earlier. Utilizing four gears in a manual configuration, this incredible gearbox makes driving fun and easy combining the best of performance and luxury vehicles. On top of that you also get some smooth exterior styling which can only be described as classy and energetic to the highest degree. Complemented by a convertible top and a great interior, this body wraps the whole package up very nicely and makes it a great candidate for your next automotive purchase.

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