This Hot Rod Lincoln Sports A 5.0 Coyote To Haul Your Entourage

Mar 7, 2023 2 min read
This Hot Rod Lincoln Sports A 5.0 Coyote To Haul Your Entourage

Weight isn’t too big of an issue for this vintage Lincoln.

Have you ever wanted to ride around in one of those classic land yachts but thought to yourself that it wouldn’t have enough power to have fun? Well, now you can rest assured that you will always have more than enough to keep up with the Mustangs, Camaros, and Firebirds in your area while possibly making a classic Dodge shake and its boots. That’s right, this 1964 Lincoln continental has a lot more under its hood than would have come in stock from the factory. So what exactly makes this car to get up and go?

Because Lincoln is a Ford brand, the builders of this vehicle decided to stick with what the car might’ve had if its production never ceased. For this car that meant swapping in a 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 engine which makes around 420 hp. Depending on what kind of gearing, transmission, and accessory set up the used you can see how that easily could translate to massive wheel figures. If you love going fast in a car that exudes nothing but pure class on the outside but a can of whoop-ass under the hood, then you should be excited by these performance numbers.


The first part of that statement isn’t fluff as the looks of a car matters to pretty much everyone who drives. That’s exactly why the original styling has been pretty well preserved over the years with very few liberties taken in modification. Other than the obviously low rider height, mintage looking wheels, and distinct lack of chrome siding, you might actually think this vehicle was stock if you looked at it while driving on the road. However, the Crown Victoria rack and pinion steering system and highly upgraded suspension will give you a performance and driving experience unlike anything it may resemble. So, if you’re trying to go fast and catch everyone off guard while looking like a James Bond villain in the process, consider this 1964 Lincoln continental for your next automotive purchase.

This great car is part of the Jerry Smith Collection here.

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