Get More Entries To Win This Nova As A Motorious Reader

Feb 11, 2022 1 min read
Get More Entries To Win This Nova As A Motorious Reader

Bring this dream car Chevy II home now!

A small automobile built by General Motors, the Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova was produced through five different generations from 1962 through 1979, and again with model years 1985 through 1988. The Chevy II/Nova was built on the X-body platform before it was replaced by the 1980 Chevrolet Citation, but the Nova moniker returned again in 1985. This stunning 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova kicked off the highly desired second-generation with this particular beauty is up for grabs, and you could win it!

Powering this classic Chevy II is a numbers-matching 327-cubic-inch L79 V8 engine topped with an original 585 cfm carburetor and is capable of 350-horsepower. An original M21 4-speed manual transmission shifts down and twists an original rear end and it exhales through dual exhaust pipes.

As always with Dream Giveaway, this Chevy II Nova and a bundle of cash can be yours and all you have to do is make a charitable donation to help America’s children and veterans. A donation as little as $3.00 will get your name thrown in the hat for this spectacular grand prize, and if you want more tickets all you have to do is donate more. For donations from Motorious readers of over $25, this special promo code will double your entries. Get ready classic Chevy enthusiasts your chance to score this dream car while doing a super good deed is just right around the corner.

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