Duesenberg J-432 Straight Eight Engine, Transmission, Radiator Combo

Jan 17, 2022 2 min read
Duesenberg J-432 Straight Eight Engine, Transmission, Radiator Combo

This is the perfect purchase for any Duesenberg enthusiast with a need for a new engine for anything from replacement to display.

Duesenberg vehicles were best known in their time for their incredible engines, luxurious interior, and sleek style that seemed to show off every aspect of the car and driver's personality. Duesenberg's fame in the 1920s and 1930s was similar to what Cadillac is today. The brand made a name for itself based on making tons of power without sacrificing any luxury or comfort. That means that many classic car enthusiasts would love to get their hands on one of these cars or any part of them. Speaking of parts, the engines that came in these cars are almost as valuable and desirable as the vehicles themselves, as most owners are not too fond of the idea of parting with any piece of their beloved Duesy. What are you supposed to do if you happen to need a replacement engine or want to hold on to a piece of these cars while letting someone else have fun with the chassis and body?

This three-piece engine, transmission, radiator combination might be precisely what you need as it has been recently renovated and restored to its original glory by Brian Joseph's Classics. This straight-eight powerhouse came from the Duesenberg factory with the J-432 classification. That means that this engine powered one of the iconic Model J vehicles at some point in its life. Without a doubt, these parts would be vital to any Duesenberg owner with a need for a factory Duesy power plant. Usually, when it comes to classic cars, it can be complicated to find replacement parts because of the extreme rarity of the cars.

The engine has also been customized and painted in a stunning green and chrome coating to add to the excellent list of features afforded to you by this incredible drivetrain combination. This makes it the perfect centerpiece for any Duesenberg enthusiast's collection or display. While it is built to run and is quite functional, the sheer beauty of this piece makes it very tempting to use the combo as little more than a display as the color scheme draws the eye to every tastefully crafted piece of machinery.

This vehicle is for sale along with many others at Worldwide's Scottsdale sale. Register to bid here: www. worldwideauctioneers.com

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