3600 Mile Carbureted Ferrari 512 BB Is A Bring A Trailer Knockout

Aug 26, 2022 2 min read
3600 Mile Carbureted Ferrari  512 BB Is A Bring A Trailer Knockout

This vintage piece of automotive technology shows off some incredible engineering.

Ferrari has been a huge name within the performance automotive industry for decades because of their commitment to constant innovation in speed. It makes sense coming from a company that was built off the back of racing that this would eventually become the brand’s reputation. The 512 BB was a particularly good example of this back in 1977 as performance was very elusive in that time. Generally, the late 1970s were a time fraught with crisis and poverty which was clearly not good for business in the performance automotive industry. Somehow, amidst all of the struggle and smoke, a sole champion of supercar technology emerged and its name was the 512 BB.

It may seem like I'm exaggerating a bit but one look into the engine bay of this vehicle will show you just how serious I am. Spinning the tires of this Ferrari is a 4.9-liter Quad-Cam Flat-12 engine; backing the engine is a five-speed manual transaxle. We typically only see flat configuration engines in Porsches and Suburus but this car shows us that it can be used for a variety of vehicles. Essentially, Ferrari did with this engine what the brand always does, they made it better than anyone else had done before. That's what makes this particular vehicle so exciting compared to some of its competition, it doesn't just try to be a sports car; it is one.

On top of that, the team responsible for the creation of this iconic ‘70s sports car clearly took into consideration how the car was going to send the car to the ground. Overall, racing is about handling, acceleration, and top speed, an exciting combination which has made motorsport one of the best artforms of sport. This 512 exemplifies that nature perfectly as it shows us that even in a time of crisis Ferrari was still able to put out some really cool cars.

Other highlights:

Celeste Metallizzato
Pelle Beige Leather Upholstery
15" Cromodora Wheels
Quad Triple-Barrel Weber Carburetors
Daytona-Style Seats
Import Documents
Ferrari Classiche "Red Book"

This vehicle is being sold by 1600 Veloce/The Meccanic Shop. To learn more about consigning your car and to see their other great vehicles, please visit meccanicshop.com

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