1969 Mustang Fastback Boasts 427 Power And More

Aug 26, 2022 2 min read
1969 Mustang Fastback Boasts 427 Power And More

This incredible classic pony car is the pinnacle of restomodded performance.

We’ve seen some pretty insane automotive creations before but none of them truly match the style and  low-key attitude of this wild pony car. On the outside, it almost looks like a stock example of America’s first generation Mustang with little to no work done to the body. However, one little peek inside the engine bay will tell you a different story, and we're glad to share that tale with you. Essentially, the thought process behind this build was simple, they wanted to make something that would be elegant but fast with a hint of modern style. That's exactly what they did too with all of the performance you might only expect from a modern sports car and good-looks to match.

Under the hood you’ll find the first example of that in the form of a massive V8 engine which boasts some truly surprising horsepower and torque numbers. First, to put things into context, the original 427 cubic inch V8 in the Mustang made about 435 horsepower. However, this particular engine bay hosts a massive 427 cubic inch that makes way more power. Around 560 horsepower flows through the drivetrain of this automotive masterpiece making it a ridiculously fast car and a scary opponent on any racing track. All of this comes from the hard work only a true enthusiast and lover of all things automotive could do which makes it perfect for daily driving and racing.

All of that power is sent through a fully polished and ported aluminum flywheel which is sturdy enough to handle the engine’s output without being too heavy. Of course, any Ford-based restomod must have one of the most iconic power-transfer parts available from the blue oval. Were talking about the Ford 9” rear end which is highly revered and respected within the automotive enthusiast community for its strength and great build quality.  Ironically, that description could also be applied to this Mustang restomod with its massive engine, great quality, and stunning good looks. That's exactly why you should consider this proud Mustang for your next automotive purchase.

This vehicle is for sale at Premier Auto Auction taking place September 2ND & 3RD in Savannah, Georgia.  There is still plenty of time to Consign and Register to bid. To learn more and see their other great vehicles please visit https://www.premierauctiongroup.com

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