Black Over Red Corvette On Bring A Trailer Is A Classic Combination

Aug 26, 2022 2 min read
Black Over Red Corvette On Bring A Trailer Is A Classic Combination

This incredible American sports car legend is a staple of modern day performance.

The Corvette has been an icon since the first generation which stunned the world with its incredible design and performance that was practically unmatched by anything at the time. In the second generation the vehicle sort of came  into its own and became truly synonymous with American performance. However, there was always one thing that bothered the original designers working on the project. This Corvette was built to race but it still had its engine up front instead of in the mid-section unlike its competitors whose superior weight distribution made them difficult opponents. It took decades but Chevy eventually built a mid-engine Corvette and now the current model has become one of the most instantly recognizable vehicles on the planet.

This particular automobile sports some of the best performance available in today’s world of mid-engine racers and it has the style to match. Of course, this comes courtesy of the Z51 package which allows the car to use every bit of its massive V8 engine. Speaking of the powerhouse, this vehicle is driven by a 6.2-liter V8 making it one of the fastest American sports cars on the market. In total, this engine is capable of producing around 495 horsepower and 470 ft/lbs of torque. These would be impressive numbers for basically any car but it's particularly stunning with this one as it uses such a lightweight frame.

After running through the crankshaft, all of that power has to have somewhere to go in as efficient a way as possible. That's exactly why the engineers behind this wild creation chose an eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle whose performance could be called the stuff of legends. Finally, all of that power is sent through a limited-slip differential before landing at the rear tires making it one fierce opponent on any racing track. All of this combines to make one aggressive and articulate  sports car that uses big power, low weight, and great looks to be the next great American automotive icon. Thats why you should consider adding this awe-inspiring Corvette to your automotive collection.

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