1968 Porsche 911 Targa Makes Driving An Incredible Experience

Dec 10, 2021 2 min read
1968 Porsche 911 Targa Makes Driving An Incredible Experience

Add this to your classic Porsche collection.

Classic Porsche sports cars are some of the world's most popular European performance vehicles to have ever hit the asphalt of a German road. Cars such as the Porsche 911 are top-rated because Porsche made the vehicles do one thing, provide the driver with an insane driving experience. One primary reason for the insane ability to accomplish this goal exceptionally well is the rear engine placement which makes the car swing out more around corners. This means that, while the weight distribution may not be 50/50, these cars have a driving experience like no other vehicle. But, of course, that is the purpose of Porsche in many regards, to create something that no one can replicate for the select few who can handle it.

If you think that you are up to the challenge to take on the incredible experience of driving this 1968 Porsche 911 Targa, then you may be in luck. Powering the insanely quick vehicle is a 2.45-liter flat-six engine which pushes out more than enough power to push this 2,200 lb machine through its entire 150 mph speedometer. Speed is critical for this car which is why that beautifully crafted powerhouse is connected to a five-speed manual transaxle. The decision to make these cars with the five-speed transaxle came with significant benefits in performance but even more so in the way that the car drives as you have far more control over this vehicle than any other choice.

The Targa top option is one of the most excellent parts of this vehicle as it allows you to retain the fun of a convertible while keeping the style and rigidity of a regular roof. That's what this car is all about, and this beast makes no compromises. In classic Porsche fashion, the interior of this racing-inspired sports coupe is straightforward and driver-oriented, which provides a welcome relief from some of the flashier stylistic choices that have come about in the modern automotive market. This car is a masterpiece of vintage design, with an army of adoring fans waiting to get their hands on it. Are you ready to take on this beautiful driving machine?

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