Teen Crashes Stolen BMW Z4

Dec 10, 2021 2 min read
Teen Crashes Stolen BMW Z4

This is 2021 levels of stupidity…

Car theft is truly out of control these days, and the problem isn’t unique to North America. The UK has seen its fair share of such crimes, although the police chase involving a teenager behind the wheel of a stolen BMW Z4 ended in most glorious fashion, and the show wasn’t over even then.

Remember the disastrous flight of the Lincoln jet car here.

According to a local report, Haroon Rashid was driving the Z4 with a friend sitting in the passenger seat through Sharnford, Leicestershire when a license plate camera alerted authorities that the German sports car was reported stolen.

The police tried to pull Rashid over, but he thought it would be better to make a run for it. With three police cars in hot pursuit, the teenager pushed the Bimmer to over 100 mph. The chase went from Sharnford to Enderby and then back to Sharnford where the teen drove the wrong way through the village in an attempt to ditch the cops.

Police say Rashid was also going 82 mph in a 30 mph zone at one point. At one point he was boxed in by police, using the stolen BMW to ram one cop car, taking it out of the fight. After that, the teen took a big risk, swerving around a semi-truck while another was approaching in the oncoming lane, narrowly missing a head-on collision.

Officers were stuck behind the first semi, but by the time they could safely get around it they found Rashid had crashed into the back of a third semi. After arresting Rashid, they learned the kid had a provisional driver’s license and it was his first time actually driving on the road. We’re guessing he might not have a real license for a long time, although unfortunately the UK suffers from the same problem as much of the US, giving criminals a slap on the wrist and letting them get back out there to commit more crimes.

Even though Rashid and his passenger had both been hurt and were unconscious after the crash, the kid made a joke on the way to the hospital. He told police he would’ve gotten away had the third semi not been there. So, it seems he learned nothing from his stupid escapades.

Source: Leicestershire Live

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