Rowan Atkinson Isn’t A Fan Of Electric Cars

Jun 9, 2023 2 min read
Rowan Atkinson Isn’t A Fan Of Electric Cars

Seethe and cope, EV fanboys…

While it’s certainly fine for people to buy and love electric cars, there’s a strange phenomenon whenever someone with a platform says anything less than positive about them. This time it’s British comedian and certified gearhead Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean) stirring the pot while committing blasphemy against the EV godhood.

Learn about Rowan Atkinson’s supercar collection here.

In an essay he penned for The Guardian, Atkinson said recently he feels “a little duped” by EVs. Now that’s the type of sin worthy of cancellation, but the man really blasphemed by encouraging people to keep driving their older internal combustion engine cars as a means of conservation. Outrageous!

Explaining himself, Atkinson mirrored what many others have said: EVs could one day be great and everything the fanboys claim they are now, but the problem is battery designs need more time to advance to that point.

He also hits another sore point, calling EVs “a bit soulless.” Hey now, we think a giant iPhone on wheels has a lot of soul (that’s sarcasm, for anyone who can’t tell). The man really must enjoy poking the bear or thinks the borderline hysterical, obsessive push to get everyone to buy an electric car has gone too far.

Every day, there’s a deluge of news stories designed to make it appear EVs are far more popular than they are, like people will just buy one out of sheer peer pressure. The fact is they’ve barely cracked seven percent of the market in the US, a figure that’s likely to drop as the year progresses. And while the Model Y will likely be the best-selling vehicle for 2023 that’s by far thanks to the Chinese Communist Party using both carrot and stick to herd its population into EVs. Obviously, that authoritarian regime is a model of how every government should be run.

Just watch for the Rowan Atkinson hit pieces to come out in the near future. Probably some supposed scandal from his past will be dug up and who knows what else. This is what happens when you violate the dogma of the EV fanboy club. Good luck, Rowan.

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