Thieves Swipe 21 Cars From Memphis Auction

Jun 9, 2023 1 min read
Thieves Swipe 21 Cars From Memphis Auction

Memphis is completely out of control…

If you haven’t been paying attention, Memphis is one of many cities in the US where crime has absolutely exploded in the past few years. And while violent crimes are the most concerning, property crimes like car theft are still creating quite the problem. In the latest shocking example of just how out of control things have become in Memphis, thieves made off with 21 cars from an auto auction in the city.

Remember the time thieves stole Dodge Chargers from Memphis police here.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, thieves just rammed through a fence at the auction on a Sunday and took whatever cars they wanted. That sounds too easy, but they apparently didn’t have to contend with much in the way of security at the site.

The thieves even took the time to fire up a forklift and move a van that was blocking the gate. In other words, police need to start pulling the names of all forklift certified individuals in the area.

A few cars have been recovered since, including a BMW 550i that was found crashed and a Cadillac CT4 t that was just parked on the side of a road. They also collected a Nissan 370Z and a Mustang.

Pulling off a heist like that not only takes some serious huevos, it also requires a big crew and plenty of logistics. The fact criminals are so emboldened shows what they think of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in general. That’s the real problem.

Meanwhile, it seems members of the local media are treating this heist as if it were some sort of joke. We sincerely doubt the auction or anyone else connected to the stolen cars are laughing about how very much out of control crime has become in Memphis.

Image via Memphis Police Department

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