The Ram Charger Robot Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Jan 25, 2023 2 min read
The Ram Charger Robot Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Automakers don’t get their customer bases, but do they even care anymore?

When we and pretty much anyone thinks of Ram trucks, we of course still think of Dodge but what also comes to mind is rugged individualism, people who work hard for a living, braving all elements, etc. That’s what’s so laughable about the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept revealed at CES this year. It looks like a giant toy from the Tron movies, not a trusty workhorse. What’s more, a robot conductive Ram Charger was revealed as well, showing just how out of touch executives are with the customer base.

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This little robot looks like a Roomba, those weird circular vacuums which automatically go around your house cleaning up messes. Supposedly, this is because people who build houses, take care of animals, service electrical lines, etc. don’t know how to insert a plug. This is the kind of feature we’d honestly expect more in a Cadillac or BMW, not a Ram pickup truck.

The most hilarious part of the CES presentation, which you can see in the included video, is how this Ram Charger robot is supposed to serve the common, blue collar man. Let’s be honest, this is going to be the plaything for some rich guy who wears $800 flannel shirts in an attempt to seem relatable and down-to-earth. But marketing spin is life for so many automotive executives, so they’ll keep to the script which was formulated in a high-rise boardroom where they just know rugged individualism, or the aura of such a thing, sells.

That brings up another point: we already know there are increasing plans for municipalities, states, and other governments to take over wifi-connected thermostats so people can’t use the heat or AC too much. What would be stopping them from restricting when your Ram Charger or any other smart vehicle charger can fill up your vehicle battery? Need to get Timmy to soccer practice but your EV battery is depleted? Too bad, there’s too much grid load at the moment, so your charger won’t start replenishing the battery until 3 am. Don’t laugh, this could be the new normal.

Photos via Stellantis, YouTube

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