Razor Blades Found On Gas Pump Handles

Jan 25, 2023 2 min read
Razor Blades Found On Gas Pump Handles

Why would someone do such a thing?

It sounds like an urban legend, but police in Forest City, North Carolina are warning someone is putting razor blades on gas pump handles. This shocking revelation thankfully came to light when the state department of agriculture was inspecting the pumps at a gas station and not by an unsuspecting customer slicing their fingers.

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After finding the initial razor blades, authorities began inspecting the pumps at other stations, finding more. Police emphasize all the blades they know about have been removed. You can see from photos supplied by the department those blades look rather rusty, so thankfully nobody was injured by them.

Even though the razor blades were discovered and removed by authorities, police are still cautioning residents of Forest City to inspect the handle of each gas pump before picking it up, just in case. They’re also advising the use of gloves, although you would have to wear something pretty heavy to not be cut by a razor blade when applying pressure to a gas pump handle.

It’s important to remember nobody has been caught for this crime so far. That means whoever did this could strike again.

This news is spreading nationwide quickly and understandably so. First, it sounds absolutely outrageous, like something out of a movie plot. Also, there’s concern copycats might try the same thing elsewhere. We hate to feed into paranoia, but at the same time the cat is out of the bag, so it’s best to educate the public at this point.

Since nobody has claimed responsibility, theories this has been done by eco-terrorists doesn’t seem to hold water. Usually such groups proudly declare on the internet they did something to incentivize people to switch to electric cars or to discourage excessive driving, but nothing like that has happened.

Instead, this could just be a single disturbed person who just gets a thrill out of hurting others.

Sources: WSPA, WJTV

Images via YouTube

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