Ontario City Moves Against Aftermarket Exhausts

Feb 21, 2022 3 min read
Ontario City Moves Against Aftermarket Exhausts

There seem to be a lot of noise problems in Canada lately…

I hear people in Ontario have a problem with handling the noise in their streets lately. One clear example of this sensitivity comes via the city of Belleville. With a population of about 50,000 there apparently are too many people running noisy aftermarket exhaust systems on their cars and trucks, so the city is asking the provincial government for help.

Per a report, residents are complaining to city hall about the noise nuisance. In turn, Mayor Mitch Panciuk motioned to send a letter to Ontario leadership asking for more stringent exhaust noise regulations and heavier penalties for violators. Yes, the way to solve all of society’s problems is by enacting more laws and regulations, because that’s worked out great lately, especially in Canada.

In addition, Belleville will be sending the same letter that’s going to Ontario leadership to other municipalities in the province. It’s a way to drum up support as Ontario apparently tries to become the California of Canada. I guess they haven’t heard people are struggling to find an available U-Haul to get out of that state, because cracking down on aftermarket exhaust systems instead of focusing on real problems is a wonderful strategy for any government.

Speaking of California, it’s actually more liberal when it comes to exhaust noise versus what Belleville leadership wants. In California 95 dbA is the legal limit, with drivers in performance cars running factory exhausts reportedly being cited for breaking the law. What Belleville wants Ontario to pass is a limit of 80 dbA.

One city council member said he only takes issue with four-cylinder cars with aftermarket exhaust systems. Fair enough, those are particularly shrill and ridiculous, but the stricter regulation will be applied to V8s as well, so his commentary really means nothing in the end.

Lest you think I don’t care about noise where I live, I do. As Mayor Panciuk pointed out, most of the noise comes from drivers revving their engines, performing burnouts in intersections, etc. Surely there already are laws against such behavior on public roads, so why not enforce those instead of multiplying regulations for everyone?

The argument usually turns to how if you don’t have some super loud exhaust then this shouldn’t concern you. Yeah, that might be true, but as governments keep passing stricter and stricter regulations and laws, pretty soon people realize the bureaucratic creep has conquested rights they actually cherish. In other words, I’m not a fan of letting government run roughshod all over automotive enthusiasts or any group because it doesn’t stop there.

Likely, there are other ways of dealing with the shrill Honda Civic and Hyundai Veloster aftermarket exhaust noises. Has anyone thought of societal shaming and ridicule?

By the way, the report about this problem comes from Drive, a Canadian automotive site which seems to hate most cars. It describes the “suffering of city residents who are (at) the mercy of a new generation of fossil-fuelled (sic) car and truck enthusiasts” because the problem apparently is that not everyone in the small Canadian city drives a Tesla.

Source: Drive

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