1969 Camaro Boasts Double COPO Options

Feb 21, 2022 2 min read
1969 Camaro Boasts Double COPO Options

This incredible car utilized one of the most secretive programs in Chevy history to become a drag strip beast!

If you were around in the 1960s, then you'll understand exactly what this car meant for the American automotive racing world. However, if you happen to be part of the younger generation, try to put yourself in the shoes of your elders. You show up to the track in your brand new '67 Chevy Camaro SS with a roaring V8 knowing that you could wipe the floor with any other vehicle on the road. You pull up to the starting position when you look over only to see what looks like your exact same car. "Our cars are matched, this is all about skill, and I got this!" you say to yourself. Except this is not an ordinary SS or even a ZL1. Instead, this thing is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro purchased through a program that was for a very long time one of Chevy's best-kept secrets, COPO.

Emblazoned in a stunning factory blue and boasting racing decals throughout, it's clear that this car was raced from day one, but in the 1960s, very few people actually knew what the COPO program was, so you're not worried. This thing may look heavily modified because of the focused racing style, but this is only the consequence of the "Sports Car Conversion Package," which increased the speedometer to 140 mph and stiffened up the suspension significantly. Of course, the craziest thing about the car is the 427 ci Chevy V8 engine which makes somewhere around 450 horsepower making it perfect for the drag strip. The only not stock part of this car is the roll cage and the fat drag slicks that give the car a ton of traction.

All of this makes the car a Double-COPO as it sports two distinct features that would have blown every other vehicle out of the water. First, you're up against the best of the best, and as that little red light jumps to yellow and then green, all that is visible is a cloud of smoke in its wake. These cars were legends in their time as there had always been rumors about a secretive performance ordering program within the automotive community. This car is exceptional because it's a true Double-COPO, and now its sitting is wholly restored after having blown up the original engine years ago. The latest owner refurbished the original powerhouse, and now it lives a good life in a well-kept classic Camaro collection.

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