Motorious Featured Dealer: AutoBarn Classic Cars

May 3, 2022 1 min read
Motorious Featured Dealer: AutoBarn Classic Cars

Located in Concord, NC and 10 minutes north of the famous North of Charlotte Motor Speedway, AutoBarn Classic Cars was started by a couple of Charlotte car collectors. Their mission was to create a difference in the industry by applying their passion and knowledge to the market in a unique way, to bring a better experience to the collector car audience.


The AutoBarn Classic Cars showroom is located on the southeast portion of the property with a 60,000 square feet of sales floor space and storage. A high-tech security system at the facility keeps the cars inside protected from unwanted visitors, as well as the elements. There’s also a meeting space on the site for car clubs, parties, and special events. The space has 1,700 square feet set up with countertops, tables and chairs, so it would be a great area for gearhead celebration of any kind.

Selling your Classic Car with AutoBarn Classic Cars

Selling your car with AutoBarn Classic Cars is the best way to expedite the sale of your vehicle quickly and keep the owner from having to deal with the headache of the whole process. They offer competitive rates, and the whole process is extremely straightforward. Call them today at 1-800-650-1055 or email them at to arrange a time for you to bring your classic car in and see how easy it is to do business with AutoBarn Classic Cars.

Buy Your Next Collector Car

If you’re ready to start or expand your collection, AutoBarn Classic Cars offers services to buyers in the United States, as well as international buyers. In addition to hosting the inventory and sales of the cars, they also offer guidance on financing and transporting your new car. See more here.

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