700-Horsepower Camaro Built To The Teeth Without Boost

Feb 28, 2022 2 min read
700-Horsepower Camaro Built To The Teeth Without Boost

Big block Chevy Camaro blows away the competition with nothing more than a gigantic engine.

Since its conception in 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro has become one of America’s favorite pony cars. This comes from the reputation that it holds as a tire-burning, mustang-eating, monster which destroys all competition in its path and looks good doing it. The first generation of Camaro came out of the sheer desire to be the best of the best in the American pony car industry. Of course, Chevrolet’s biggest competitor at the time was the Ford Mustang so they went to work building a car that could rival the wild pony. That same energy has held strong throughout the many years of production of this vehicle and as such has built a large army of Camaro and Chevy fans alike. This car seems to be the perfect example of what a Camaro-loving car enthusiast is willing to do to see his passion come to life. The only thing you'd have to do with this car is work it over with some Lithium car care products, and you'd be good to go!

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Under the hood of this insane first generation, Chevrolet Camaro is a ridiculous big-block 572 ci V8 which produces a whopping 716 horsepower and 706 ft/lb of torque from a completely natural aspirated engine. All of that power is pushed through a Turbo 400 transmission which allows the owner to race and drives as comfortably and efficiently as possible. One of the craziest parts of this car is its manual steering gearbox which is a testament to the driver’s ability to control the car without any added assist.

This naturally aspirated beast of a car can produce more power from an older school technology than most of today’s supercharged modern muscle cars. That focus on getting power from the motor itself only allows the car to accelerate like a rocket ship and provide the raw “near-death” experience shown with a powerful V8. From the streets of LA to the local drag strip, this monster is on a mission to outperform everyone else, just as the original designers intended.

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