Warehouse Of Barn Finds Uncovered In Idaho

Oct 2, 2022 1 min read
Warehouse Of Barn Finds Uncovered In Idaho

This is an unexpected stash!

Barn finds are fun, discovering one or two cars is a very special thing, however, nothing compares to finding an entire warehouse of classic rust buckets like this. With a variety of both stock and modified cars, this vast collection is a sight to behold. The owner carries everything from cars made in the early 50s to full-blown racing-inspired vehicles, let's take a look at some of the vehicles shown.

One of the coolest cars at this location is a truck, this red beast is currently the collector's personal powerhouse however it was first owned by one of his clients. Then, when the original owner passed away, the truck was gifted to the collector’s friend Gary.

After Gary’s death, the truck found itself in the hands of the current owner. The garage holds many iconic classic cars in the surrounding area of the truck including a 1947 Oldsmobile, 1974 Beetle, 1969 Shelby Cobra, and a 7.0-liter Ford Galaxie. Retaining its stylish looks and boat-like size is this gigantic Rolls Royce which the collector says he will be selling soon.

Hidden behind years of trash and dust you’ll find a beautiful C3 Corvette, reminiscent of its former self. The collector also has a C10 Chevy pickup truck, he says that he intends to put in a 350ci Vortec engine. That would be an insane power increase making it the perfect build idea for anyone lucky enough to have one of these trucks. It is so rare to find a genuine collection of classic cars and we hope to see more just like this in the future.

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