Hawaii Mustang Police Chase Gets Messy

Oct 2, 2022 2 min read
Hawaii Mustang Police Chase Gets Messy

Does this guy think he’s playing GTA?

It would definitely be interesting to dig into the psychology of why people run from the police. Sure, there are the obvious reasons, but some police chases are so ridiculous, you wonder why these people don’t just realize they’re making what’s already a bad situation far worse. Case in point, a Ford Mustang driver in the Waikiki area of Honolulu, Hawaii trying to flee the police, only to trash their car and many other vehicles.

The incident in question took place on November 13 at about 12:45 am. A resident of the area started recording after they heard what they describe as a loud crash and screaming outside. The road where the Mustang was being driven recklessly is a cul-de-sac and a police officer was patrolling in the area when the first collision happened.

Rather than stopping after the first accident, the Mustang driver kept going. The officer tried to block the suspect in at the end of the street, but they coaxed the Mustang forward and reportedly almost hit the cop, who dove out of the way to avoid being run over. That’s where the embedded video begins.

You can clearly hear the Mustang hit car after car on the side of the road. Sparks are shooting from the wheels, which have lost their tires, so there’s metal on blacktop contact. It looks like a scene out of some crazy action movie, only this is real life.

As the driver pulls away from the parked cars and veers into the center of the road, the sparks start flying from the wheel wells like some sort of Independence Day display. Lacking control of the vehicle, the driver swerves back toward the parked cars, hits one with the Mustang’s front end hard, and the car spins around 360 degrees before it finally stops in the middle of the road.

With steam pouring out from under the crumpled hood, the pony is going nowhere. That’s when the cop catches up, exits his vehicle, and starts dealing with the driver in the disabled Ford. You can hear more sirens in the background.

Check out the video for yourself (warning: language).

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