And so are we!

You can’t call yourself a car person if you don’t spend endless hours looking at cars for sale online, it just comes with the territory. From Joe Dirt obsessing over the prices of Hemis in Auto Trader, to the top, most elite concours judges and million dollar car collectors in the world, we all do it. So when Joe Rogan actually pulled up his screen and started browsing for cars, we got that lit up feeling wondering what we was going to find. What was even cooler is when he landed on Vanguard Motor Sales, a SpeedDigital client, we were star struck to know he browses the same sites we do.

Our addiction of car ad browsing is a real one. Motorious puts out ‘coolest for sale’ posts every week, and if we had permission, we would probably post a list a day, so Rogan being a fan of the inventory on Vanguard Motor Sales was one of the most relatable things he’s done (for us, at least). We already knew Rogan was a car guy, and he has quite the collection already. Actually, his car collection is one of the coolest, featuring lots of muscle cars, and recently added a Hennessey Velociraptor 600 to his collection.

The segment on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), aired on Spotify, starts out chatting about muscle cars with Carrot Top, who has seriously changed his look these days, for the better, we think. Carrot Top mentions that he wants to find a vintage Ford or Chevy truck, a man with good taste, and Joe is all over it. The first result that catches their attention is an orange truck, for sale through Vanguard, leading them to pull up the whole Vanguard inventory. Rogan’s first bout of car guy excitement is over a restomod truck, and then a restomod Mustang, which seems to be a theme in his current collection.

What we wouldn’t give to sit down and browse cars with Rogan. If anyone has a contact, please let Rogan know that it’s our new dream to have him pick cars from the Motorious inventory. Here’s the full clip, which is NSFW, but you already knew that if you’re a JRE fan:

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