Vandals Strike Classic Cars At UK Farm

Mar 29, 2023 1 min read
Vandals Strike Classic Cars At UK Farm

This is just ridiculous…

We see stories all the time about classic cars sitting on private property being vandalized. For some reason there are people who think because an old car is visible they have the right to smash the windows, scratch the paint, or do whatever they want to it. While a lot of times when the vandals are caught they’re kids, that’s not always the case.

See vandalized dream cars here.

The case in question happened at a farm outside of Reading, England. According to a local news report, a Classic Standard 8 was damaged after someone poured blue paint over it. You can see the results in the photos. That’s pretty rotten but perhaps can be corrected.

Also according to the report, someone drove nails through the tires, damaging the wheels in the process. The owner of this classic car is elderly, so as you might imagine this is quite the burden. It’s not like the little punk vandals care about other people or they wouldn’t go pouring paint on cars and puncture the tires.

These morons also went after a Saab 9-3, which from the description of “cuts to the roof” sounds like it’s a convertible. They also damaged all four tires, just like on the Classic Standard 8. Whether you’re a fan of Saabs or not, this is just wrong.

According to the daughter of the elderly owner of the Classic Standard 8, it was being restored by the family for their 87-year-old father. Now they get to repair all the damage done. As for the Saab, it apparently was a family car used for carting kids to school and going to work, so there’s sentimental value in it.

An investigation is ongoing and we sincerely hope the vandals are held responsible.

Source and image: The Reading Chronicle

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