US Marshalls Bust Dodge Muscle Car Theft Ring

Nov 11, 2022 2 min read
US Marshalls Bust Dodge Muscle Car Theft Ring

This might alleviate the problem a little bit…

The U.S. Marshalls Service recently arrested a man they claim is part of a large Dodge muscle car theft ring which has been operating in multiple states. According to reports, several law enforcement agencies, including the Kokomo Police Department in Indiana began investigating 21-year-old Devon Barr in connection with the theft ring, which specifically targeted Dodge Scat Packs across Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

IIHS says Dodge muscle cars are the hottest theft targets in study. Read about it here.

It sounds like the investigation into this theft ring is ongoing, so police wouldn’t disclose exactly how many Mopars had been stolen. However, they did say an electronic device was a key piece of evidence. They didn’t specify what the device was, but it’s likely for reprogramming the ignitions in Dodges, a tactic many of these well-funded theft rings have been using for years.

While it might not seem like much to arrest only one person in a theft ring, it’s better than not catching any. Captain Scott Purtee of the Kokomo Police Department told local media his and the other law enforcement agencies weren’t able to identify the other individuals involved in the muscle car theft ring. However, we’re willing to be they’re hot on the trail, so hopefully those people will be identified, arrested, and charged for their crimes.

Dodges, Chryslers, and Jeeps have been hot theft targets for some time, specifically high-performance models like Hellcats and Scat Packs. While some steps have been taken by the manufacturer to improve security, thefts continue to be reported constantly.

Dodge parent company Stellantis did issue a statement to one news station about the thefts: “Stellantis vehicles meet or exceed all applicable federal standards for safety and security. While such events are rare, they are not exclusive to any make or model of vehicle. Stellantis uses industry-standard vehicle-security technology. And as with other vehicle features, we are engaged in continuous product improvement. Notwithstanding, we urge all motorists to take due care in securing their vehicles. The security and protection of our customers are unsurpassed priorities at Stellantis.”

Sources: WISHTV, Fox 59

Photos via Facebook

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