SEMA 2022 Is In The Books

Nov 11, 2022 1 min read
SEMA 2022 Is In The Books

How do you even top this?

SEMA, the height of automotive enthusiast culture and classic car builds. Some of the best sports cars, supercars, muscle cars, and off-roaders have been found at the incredible show. This has made the event one of the biggest car shows in the United States and a pretty inspiring dream for enthusiasts of all types. So it makes a lot of sense that channels and bloggers have been talking about it eagerly for the past few weeks.

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This year’s SEMA show was a stunning display of some of the nation’s best builds. Some of these included the Blue and Grey Mercedes 300SL roadster, some race-ready classic Chevys, and a crazy looking off-roading Porsche 911. One of the most popular genres in custom building is the Restomod category, something that is quite clear from a glance at their most prominently featured vehicles.

Essentially, companies go all out to show their incredible skills under the hood of a car and The Ring Brothers we’re one of those brands. They unveiled a 1969 Camaro along with a blue classic Mustang. When all was said and done, the Battle Of The Builders was won by a 1948 Chevy truck. Even by the exterior you can tell the vehicle has had a ton of work put into it and now it will forever be respected as a legend in automotive history. Overall, this year’s SEMA was a blast and it’s going to be crazy to see what builders come up with next year to top it.

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