UK Police Hunting For Classic Cars Used For Insurance Fraud

Aug 13, 2021 1 min read
UK Police Hunting For Classic Cars Used For Insurance Fraud


Police in Leicestershire, UK are on the hunt for several classic cars on the little island, vehicles which they say have been involved in an insurance fraud scheme. So far, six warrants have been executed and five arrests have been made. Insurance fraud is an unfortunate reality we all end up paying for, so it’s great to see people answering for the crime.

A man is accused of torching his own Cadillac to commit insurance fraud. Check it out here.

At the present moment, there are three missing classic cars police need the public’s help finding. One is a blue Ford MKI Granada series 1 XL. Apparently, they don’t have the exact model year but say it’s a 1973 to 1977 with a blue leather interior, AA badge on the front grille, plus an automatic transmission. Pictures show it in excellent condition so maybe it’ll stand out from the other Granadas on the island?

Next up is a 1976 Ford Granada Ghia, which is blue like the other Granada. Why the insurance fraudsters liked using these sedans is beyond us, but there must be some attraction. Anyway, this Granada is in poor condition, so it might blend in more. It also comes with an automatic and a 2994cc engine, just in case you pop the hood – oops, we mean bonnet.

The third car police are trying to hunt down is a 1960 Rover P5, which isn’t known for being horribly reliable, but that really has nothing to do with the police hunt. Anyway, this one is a real enthusiast’s dream with a manual transmission, 2995cc engine, and a beige interior to hide all the stains. The Rover P5 was originally painted beige but police believe it might have been repainted gray – oops, we mean grey.

The investigation into this insurance fraud scheme launched in September of 2020. Unlike in television shows, these sorts of things don’t always wrap up quickly or neatly. Exactly how these vehicles were being used to commit fraud isn’t clear.

Source: Leicestershire Live

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