UK Citizens’ Classic Car Trips Are Now More Difficult

Jul 7, 2021 2 min read
UK Citizens’ Classic Car Trips Are Now More Difficult

More regulations, more fines make things more complicated…

Being a classic car owner in the UK has become increasingly more expensive and difficult, something we’ve covered before. However, a problem we haven’t highlighted is the focus of Malcom McKay and the Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance. The issue is one of British classic car owners wishing to go on road trips, something quite a few have cherished for a long time.

Learn about more laws threatening classic car ownership in the UK here.

Anyone who wants to go for a nice, relaxing trip through mainland Europe is going to have to navigate through plenty of red tape, says McKay. Thanks to Brexit and the changed regulations resulting from the UK splitting from the rest of the continent, classic car owners will need to jump through more hoops to do what they’ve taken for granted in the past.

image credit: YouTube

McKay told Express he thinks the new rules and regulations put in place could be “streamlined” before too many UK classic car owners become frustrated and ditch their ride. As it all sits at the moment, UK citizens looking to traverse Europe could possibly be dealing with 26 different sets of rules, which is enough to make anyone give up in frustration.

According to Hagerty, there’s the potential for different European nations to consider a classic car a type of “goods” at their border. That would mean requiring the driver to secure an Access/Temporary Access Carnet before driving through. The whole point is to protect against the illegal importation of goods, something criminals would definitely try doing using something easily transportable like a car.

image credit: YouTube

These Carnets might only cost a few hundred pounds for an affordable classic car, but someone driving a rare model might have to shell out thousands of pounds. That might mean fewer Brits taking their impressive classic cars to events in other European nations, which will disappoint many enthusiasts. Thus the drama of EU and UK regulations fleecing classic car owners continues.

Source: Express

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