UK Anti-Tampering Laws Threaten Classic Cars

Jan 12, 2022 2 min read
UK Anti-Tampering Laws Threaten Classic Cars

Would this mean no more driving classic cars on public roads?

We’ve covered before the many proposed laws in the UK which would negatively impact car enthusiasts in the country, but now the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is sounding the alarm. According to a recent report, FBHVC has been talking to the UK Department of Transport about some proposed new driving laws it claims could negatively impact vehicle owners.

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These proposed laws, called by some anti-tampering proposals, could possibly outlaw car modifications, something we’ve specifically covered before. Of course, these laws are meant to keep the citizens of the UK safe, a reason which is cited for all kinds of government actions these days. They’re also supposed to safeguard the climate since decreasing carbon emissions is like turning down the global thermostat, or some such nonsense.

Now, some have countered the “Future of Transport” consultation the UK Department of Transport launched is intended to prevent safe, good modifications done to cars from being outlawed. Surely there are dangerous modifications done to vehicles, but the question is will these laws go too far, making illegal mods which don’t really pose a direct danger to anyone?

Others have pointed out there are alrea dy MOT testing for all road-going cars in the UK. If a vehicle can pass that, then what’s the point of having these additional laws? A petition launched on the Parliament website argues this very point, with over 100,000 signatures, meaning the issue will be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

It’s worth noting UK-based Motorcycle Action Group says it “remains opposed to vehicle anti-tampering proposals despite a recent clarification of the Government’s (sic) intentions.” It and other enthusiasts groups don’t believe any intervention by the government is needed.

It’s great to see FBHVC using its power to call attention to these proposed laws. By speaking out, the organization is truly living up to its stated mission “to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road.” Undoubtedly, there are those who would love to see only newer cars on roads, believing that running historic vehicles is dangerous on many levels.

After speaking with the Department of Transport, an FBHVC spokesperson said it asked for a confirmation these laws wouldn’t apply to classic cars, but instead to “tomorrow’s vehicles.”

Source: Express

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