Two Barn Find Plymouth Superbirds Resurrected After 45-Year Slumber

Aug 11, 2020 1 min read
Two Barn Find Plymouth Superbirds Resurrected After 45-Year Slumber

They might look rough, but they were a pair of show stoppers at Carlisle.

It's not hard to find stories of barn finds or even winged warrior barn finds these days, but to find a pair of numbers-matching 1970 Plymouth Superbirds sitting in a barn together is definitely the barn find of a lifetime. The pair of Superbirds you see here were parked together back in 1975 and they were later rescued together, so it's no surprised they rolled up together at Spring Carlisle 2020.

Video Credit: YouTube

Both cars have interesting stories, but as you can tell from the lead image, the orange car doesn't look like your average Superbird. That's this one was used for racing, and after racking up around 37,000 miles, it suffered a hard impact that resulted in the aero-shaped nose being replaced with the front end of a Plymouth GTX. This treatment actually looks really cool on this Superbird, and it must have looked really cool seeing this car on the road as the owner says he drove it 130 miles to the Carlisle event.

The Petty Blue Superbird is a complete car, but it's body shows more rust and damage than the other one. On top of that, it's missing the original fender trim tag and the 440 cubic-inch engine required more work as it was seized after being pulled from the barn – or perhaps that's what led to this rare 'Bird being parked in the first place.

As rough as these cars are, the barn find duo received well-deserved attention as they sat on display at Spring Carlisle. It was no surprise that rescuing the Superbirds was no easy ordeal, and we can't imagine it was a cheap ordeal either as each car is probably worth close to six figures in its current condition. Fortunately, it sounds like a restoration is in the cards for these winged warriors.

Source: Lou Costabile via YouTube

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