Tupac Death BMW Selling For $1.75 Million

Aug 7, 2023 1 min read
Tupac Death BMW Selling For $1.75 Million

Would you take a ride in the notorious Bimmer?

There are many people who sincerely believe Tupac is still alive, we guess chilling out on a Caribbean beach alongside Elvis and Nessie, so they’re probably perplexed about the $1,750,000 asking price for the BMW the rapper supposedly was shot inside. That’s right, for that low, low price you can be the proud owner of the BMW 750iL which has been residing in Las Vegas for some time.

Learn what happened to Bonnie and Clyde’s death car here.

When you list a car as notorious as this one for sale, you should expect to get all kinds of crazy questions. Speaking with Las Vegas Review-Journal, General Manager for Celebrity Cars Ryan Hamilton said some people have even inquired if Tupac’s “spirit is in the trunk.” That’s not quite like asking if it leaks oil or has the factory engine.

The dealership says the Bimmer looks just like it did right before Tupac was brutally shot four times as he sat in the passenger seat, all thanks to a meticulous restoration. That means there are zero bullet holes or other damage from the carnage, so apologies for those who were looking for something a little more macabre.

According to Celebrity Cars, the 750iL still runs, so you could roll around Sin City in it just like Tupac. We’re surprised some YouTuber hasn’t decided to buy the car just to make a few videos or some crazy thing.

Celebrity Cars has kept the identity of the Bimmer’s former owner hidden from the public. It was acquired by the dealership back in 2017. But back on that fateful night, the vehicle was a lease for Death Row Records, which was why CEO Suge Knight was driving with Tupac sitting shotgun.

One day someone will dig deep into their pockets to own the BMW Tupac was sitting inside when he was shot.

Images via Celebrity Cars

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