Former Top Gear Stig Praises Porsche Carrera GT

Apr 14, 2021 2 min read
Former Top Gear Stig Praises Porsche Carrera GT

This is going to be controversial…

Ben Collins, a former Top Gear Stig, recently heaped praise on the Porsche Carrera GT. The high-strung German supercar has been praised and cursed by many. Funny enough, those who love and hate it often cite the same reasons for their position, even though they reach opposite conclusions.

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With a powerful Formula One engine mounted behind the seats, lightweight construction, and a stiff chassis, plus a hair-trigger throttle, the Porsche Carrera GT isn’t a vehicle you drive with reckless abandon. However, it was designed to provide the driver with a raw, unfiltered feedback, something you don’t see in modern vehicles.

According to Collins, it was the challenge of driving the supercar which made it amazing to him. He said he was “tap-dancing the throttle and brakes to stay in control,” in an interview. That’s not to say the former Stig didn’t have any problems with the Porsche. He admitted to spinning the Carrera GT out multiple times while practicing on a track, calling it “so savage.”

Considering the Porsche Carrera GT doesn’t have even the most barebones driver assists, it’s notoriously unforgiving of driver error. However, Collins appreciated the fact he had to really be on his toes while driving it.

photo credit: Porsche

Not everyone agrees with Collins’ assessment, which is to be expected. After all, we have different preferences when it comes to cars and how they drive, otherwise everyone would be buying the same few vehicles. However, people seem to get especially emotional about loving or hating the Porsche Carrera GT. The fact Paul Walker died while riding in one doesn’t help one bit.

Tim Allen, who is a huge automotive enthusiast, said he had a Porsche Carrera GT which he hated and considered too difficult to keep under control. After selling the car, he purchased a new Ford GT and said in every way that the Porsche fell short, the Ford supercar excelled.

photo credit: Porsche

Values for the Porsche Carrera GT, also known as the Type 980, have appreciated nicely since the car was released in 2003, making it a target for many collectors. Whether they dare drive it or not is another issue.

Source: Express

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