Thieves Fail To Get Durangos From Dodge Factory

Dec 21, 2022 2 min read
Thieves Fail To Get Durangos From Dodge Factory

That’s one way to get around dealer markups…

Car thrives really suck sometimes but the upside to their lack of morality is a distinct blank spot wherever they keep their judgment and intelligence. That’s exactly what got put on display as two Durangos were saved because of a very minor security feature. In fact, the whole story is pretty funny and it might shock you to find out just what incredibly advanced precautions led to the forwarding of these thieves' plans. However, perhaps this story will serve as a warning to all of you thieves out there, watch out for chain-link fences.

The incident occurred at the Jefferson North plant in Detroit for Dodge. They’ve got a testing facility and track there which is likely where the cars were taken from before going on a joy ride around the area. Eventually, in an attempt to escape, a lot of damage was done to the cars. However, that doesn’t even compare to how much damage is likely done to the egos of these thieves as they were sorted by one of the most primitive forms of security technology out there, a chain-link fence.

Pictures of the scene reflect a very interesting turn of events as parts from all over the cars can be found across the field. The Durango up front seems to have sustained some serious bumper damage while the rear SUV looks relatively unharmed all things considered. You might be wondering what kind of people get the idea to try and steal a car from the factory it’s being built at. While the answer to that question will likely be uncovered sometime in the near future, there aren’t currently any suspects. So what do you think, will dodge be able to figure out who was behind this plan?

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