$750K Supercar Theft Is A Little Confusing

Dec 21, 2022 1 min read
$750K Supercar Theft Is A Little Confusing

How did these thieves manage to steal two super loud Italian Automobiles?

Have you ever had a car stolen from you? If so, then you’ll understand the sort of pain and heartbreak that comes with having what is probably your second most valuable asset taken from you by the hands of another. Well most people drive around with cars that fall into the price range of $10,000-$60,000, imagine having two cars stolen from you totaling almost $1 million. Well, that is exactly what this New Jersey resident faced after he woke up to an empty garage and a destroyed gate.

It all started one night when the owner went to bed, it must’ve been a seemingly normal night because they don’t mention much of any suspicions leading up to the crime. At some point, a thief had noticed one of the side doors to the house was left unlocked. Upon recognizing this they went ahead and let themselves in but there was an issue. Sure, they just been given access to a couple of half million dollar super cars but there was still a gate to be contested.

As the homeowner found out after waking up the next morning, this gate eventually stood no chance against the thieves involved. The vehicle stolen 2018 Spider and a 2021 Lamborghini Yeah Urus. The Ferrari is estimated value is somewhere around $370,000 well the Lambo shows off a similar price $380,000. As you might’ve guessed, the victim is sort of eager to get their cars back and it’s hard to imagine how vehicles like this might be managed to slip past the police. But hey, they did manage to break into somebody’s house for they were sleeping, start up the incredibly loud supercars, break the front gate, and escape without disturbing the homeowner until he found the cars missing the next morning.

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