Michigan State Police Bust Car Theft Ring

Dec 21, 2022 2 min read
Michigan State Police Bust Car Theft Ring

They estimate $300,000 in vehicles were recovered…

On December 7, Michigan State Police searched three separate properties in the Three Rivers area, that’s south of Kalamazoo in the western part of the state. What they found were trucks, ATVs, trailers, campers, and other vehicles reported stolen from throughout the area. Investigators say evidence points to the auto theft ring and chop shop operation existing for months.

See how a Dodge Challenger driver successfully ran from Michigan State Police here.

We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn this theft ring has been operating for a few years and had just flown under the radar until recently. Reportedly, police have been investigating it for the past several months, building a case so they could get search warrants and collect more evidence.

A spokesman for Michigan State Police said investigators weren’t sure just how many stolen vehicles they would find when searching the three properties. While we don’t have a specific number, the fact it’s all valued at an estimated $300,000 indicates it wasn’t a small quantity of stuff.

According to a local report, Michigan State Police did not initially charge anyone for the stolen property or any other crimes, although they were anticipating charges being brought against multiple individuals.

It sounds like Michigan State Police are being methodical about this case, perhaps because they don’t want the suspects to walk. Sadly, sometimes in the rush to bring charges law enforcement doesn’t get all the Ts crossed and Is dotted and people who might have faced some serious consequences walk free.

This is a great reminder to secure all your vehicles, not just your hobby car and daily driver. After all, thieves want campers, trailers, ATVs, and whatever else that’s of value. It’s worth your time to install a GPS tracker on your stuff, maybe invest in an alarm, security cameras, and anything else you think will deter thieves or help you get your stuff back if it is stolen.

Source: WOOD TV8

Images via YouTube

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