These Cars Might Be Beyond Saving…

Nov 10, 2022 1 min read
These Cars Might Be Beyond Saving…

Do factory stats matter for a gutted classic?

Everybody has seen some pretty funky looking cars before but nothing compares to the absolute mental gymnastics that are guys trying to justify purchasing some down right destroyed automobiles. Take Dennis Collins for example, a man who has bought some of the most stunning automobiles in the country. His highly admirable enthusiasm for cars is something we should all aspire to but it can often blind him as it does all of us from time to time.

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Recently, the man went to a field with about seven cars, if we’re counting parts of cars, to pick out some interesting pieces. There were some interesting looking models such as a red Porsche, or it could also be an RX7, that really has kept its beauty over the years. With that in mind, you might expect the team to be there looking for a pristinely kept classic. However, the truth was anything but that with the vehicle he did come to buy on the edge of irrevocability.

To be fair, every vehicle, no matter how bad the damage, has its uses as you could just take the body or certain mechanical parts off of the vehicle. However, as they survey the area, you see the guys adding to the value in their own minds justifying the cars by pointing out obscure features that aren’t even on the car anymore. This is an interesting troupe in the car community where someone will buy a classic car that has been sitting for decades and then call it an “original Hemi car” when it doesn’t have an engine in its bay. So the lesson here is, when you buy a car you’re buying the car as it is now not as it was from the factory and for some that’s even more special. That’s because most of these vehicles aren’t “just cars” or sales numbers, they’re pieces of history and art.

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