The Hellcat Miata Lives

Apr 7, 2021 2 min read
The Hellcat Miata Lives

It’s finally drivable…

Doing a Hellcat engine swap into a Mazda Miata is about as insane as it sounds. The video accompanying this article confirms what we already knew and it does so within the first few seconds. YouTube channel DIY Gang has been working on this unusual build we’re sure others have fantasized about but haven’t had the wherewithal to actually make it work. All that power in a such a little, lightweight platform isn’t borderline crazy, it’s way over the line.

Check out the Hellcat swapped Mazda RX-7 here.

We’re sure plenty of people doubted this project car would ever run and drive. Now they have egg on their face because not only does it run and drive, it drifts with plenty of tire smoke. As can be expected, it also sounds mean as hell and kicks like a mule when the driver lays on the accelerator.

image credit: YouTube

One of the many challenges of this car was that these guys had to fabricate a custom steering shaft since the headers were in the way. It’s almost like Mazda engineers designed the Miata with some tiny four-banger under the hood.

Outfitting it with power steering was also a problem. Fortunately, they found a company which makes custom electric power steering units which just bolt on, which is seriously awesome. That’s great, because doing more custom fabrications on the car would’ve pushed the project back even further.

image credit: YouTube

Those are just two of several big obstacles with this build. If you want more details, check out the video. Just know this isn’t a project for someone who’s inexperienced or doesn’t have the time and financial resources to pour into it. Putting a Hellcat in something larger is going to be a more straightforward process.

But just watching this video and seeing how this Hellcat Miata accelerates is pretty convincing for anyone who’s crazy enough to try building something like this. Check it out for yourself.

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