Tantrum Charger From Fast And Furious Shows Off 1,600-HP

Feb 2, 2022 2 min read
Tantrum Charger From Fast And Furious Shows Off 1,600-HP

The “Fast And Furious” franchise is famously known throughout the country for the great cars, odd plot lines, and solid familial theme painted into the car culture of FnF. We've certainly seen some insane vehicles roll off the set with a certain bald maniac named Vin Diesel behind the wheel, but the most memorable has got to be the Dodge Charger known as "Dom's Charger." While this vehicle has taken the form of many different cars from the 1968-1970 production years, one particular Charger genuinely stands out in the brand. The 1970 Dodge Charger featured at the end of "Fast and Furious 7" driven by Dom, later given to Vin Diesel himself as a birthday present from the crew. What's truly unique about this car starts at the front of the vehicle in a surprise twist concerning the car's construction.

First of all, the body was entirely crafted by Speedkore out of carbon fiber present in the front end of the car before it fades to black after the front fender. This was an insane choice for the "Fast And Furious" franchise makers as it makes the vehicle insanely light for such a big car. In addition, the entire body is equipped with features that hint at massive performance, such as the cowl hood and various brushed metal trim pieces. Of course, this gives the car a far more modern look than the original chrome, and the interior also reflects this style very well. At first glance, you might notice some features like the Hurst shift knob and performance style gauges that make the car extremely unique. This was all added to combine the classic style of a '70s muscle car with the design of a modern racing vehicle, and it's perfect.

Under the hood is the focal point of this car despite the incredible design of the interior and exterior. Powering this beastly Charger is a 9.0-liter Mercury racing engine which was not enough for the builders, so they decided to give it a bit more pep in the step. That idea resulted in a crazy twin-turbo setup which helps the car make 1,350 horsepower on pump gas and over 1,600 horsepower on racing fuel. At just 4,500 RPM, this thing is already spinning tires, and we couldn't imagine what happens at redline.

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