Surveillance Video Shows Colorado Man Driving Stolen Car Through Garage Door

May 9, 2022 2 min read
Surveillance Video Shows Colorado Man Driving Stolen Car Through Garage Door

After struggling to get the vehicle out, the man just decided to bulldoze through the industrial garage door.

When the night crew arrived at a Topeka, Kansas dealership, they found a busted up garage door. Upon further inspection, it was found that in addition to the door being broken, SUV was also missing. Now, Rider J. Leppin, 27, of Colorado, is facing chargers of felony criminal damage, theft and burglary.

Security camera footage from the dealership shows a man coming in through the backdoor of the service department. He was then seen fumbling around with a laptop, getting in and out of the SUV, and then plowing through the door after failing to find another way out.

“We have had incidents before. This one’s probably the most extreme,” Capital City Nissan Marketing Director Alan Hill said.

The vehicle stolen was actually used as a courtesy vehicle for customers of the service department.

“Those are our work vehicles so we leave the keys in them for those individuals and he found the keys to one and he didn’t know how to open the door so he drove through it and he took one of the cars. He grabbed a couple of service tools while he was here and some iPads from the service techs,” said Hill.

It seems Leppin was also injured as blood was covering the interior and a first aid kit was out, as if he was trying to stitch himself up. Police located him in the vehicle after receiving a suspicious vehicle call.

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