Street Takeover Leads To Fatal Police Shooting

Aug 10, 2021 2 min read
Street Takeover Leads To Fatal Police Shooting

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened…

A street takeover late on the night of August 8 led to police shooting one man dead in Detroit. It’s a sad and entirely avoidable situation that perfectly highlights why cities are completely justified in actively preventing takeovers from happening.

Find out why a crowd beat a driver at a recent street takeover here.

According to a local report, some undercover officers were doing surveillance in an area of Detroit that’s popular for takeover events. That’s when about 200 cars and hundreds of people converged and started drifting in a closed-off intersection. The officers called for backup, but when the marked police cruisers arrived the scene turned chaotic.

With everyone scattering in a mad panic, a Dodge Charger driver lost control, slamming into the undercover police officers’ car. Then one of the passengers in the Mopar jumped out, pointing a gun at the cops, who returned fire, killing the man. The driver and other passengers in that vehicle took off on foot and ultimately escaped, even with cruisers and a helicopter in the area.

In a revelation which would shock nobody, it turned out the Dodge Charger had been stolen from Dearborn. While car theft has always been a problem in the Motor City, a problem which has exploded in recent times, the suburbs have become increasing targets for these crimes. Those cars which aren’t chopped up for parts, the husks dumped around in random spots, are often used for joyriding, including in these street takeover events.

It’s worth noting police in Detroit do say they’re being more aggressive in the charges filed against those participating in street takeovers. They’ve also been throwing more manpower at the problem, including getting help from Michigan State Police. However, the local report mentions nothing about prosecutors going after those charged more aggressively, a key component of any crime crackdown.

Like in so many of these street takeover or “sideshow” events, the media once again has slapped the label of “street racing” on it. From the reports, it doesn’t sound like there was any kind of actual racing going on. Sure, to normies it’s all the same, and both are illegal as well as stupid, but we’d at least like to set the record straight.

Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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