Street Takeover Driver Wrecked, Arrested By Police

Oct 15, 2022 2 min read
Street Takeover Driver Wrecked, Arrested By Police

He whines like a baby, then mommy shows up…

Street takeovers are annoying and sometimes deadly, plus they make gearheads look like we’re all thugs, so we have zero sympathy for anyone who participates in them. That’s why we openly laugh at this kid who thought he’d use his clapped-out Hyundai Genesis to run from Arkansas State Police, only to get a gnarly PIT done on him, his car wrecked, and his mommy to show up on the scene.

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The whole thing went down back in December of 2019 but the dashcam footage was only recently uploaded onto YouTube. We get to watch from Trooper Robert Sanford’s dashcam as he aggressively charges through stopped traffic on the highway while punk kids do burnouts and donuts so their friends can record everything, posting it on social media to get likes and even monetize the criminal behavior.

After Trooper Sanford swims through the stopped vehicles, he zeroes in on easy prey as all the muscle cars and tuners scatter: a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. No doubt this kid thought he was pretty hot stuff, but his ride with bolt-on mods was no match for the Dodge Charger Pursuit, especially when the trooper is a far better driver.

During the brief chase, we can’t tell if this kid was trying to feint turning left or right constantly or if he genuinely couldn’t keep control of his Hyundai. Whatever it was, the trooper was able to PIT him twice, the second time also blocking the stopped Korean sport coupe with the much heavier sedan. Before too long, the kid is thrown in the backseat and looks like he should’ve worn the brown pants for the meeting with his online “friends.”

Funny enough, a few Mopars drive by the stopped police car. While we don’t know for sure, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out if they were the one kids’ buddies who wanted to see who got caught. They were probably amused by the damage done to the Genesis Coupe.

Finally, a woman shows up who people are saying is the mother and owner of the car. She doesn’t look too happy and doesn’t go talk to the driver. We can hardly blame her. There’s likely some structural damage done to the Hyundai and she might not be getting it back, at least for a while.

Check out the video for yourself.

Images via YouTube

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